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Corporate Gifting with JOURNEY

Mar 06,2024 | JOURNEY

JOURNEY: Unveiling Unique Corporate Gifting Experiences 

In the fast-paced corporate world, the art of gifting has evolved beyond mere tokens of appreciation. Companies now seek distinctive and meaningful corporate gifts that not only reflect their brand ethos but also contribute to a larger societal cause. JOURNEY, known for its unique merchandise, takes corporate gifting to a whole new level with exclusive offerings tailored for businesses. 


Empowering Talents: A Unique Approach

What truly distinguishes JOURNEY's corporate gifts from others in the market is the social impact it creates. Designed by individuals with intellectual disabilities, these products serve as a platform for businesses to support and empower these talents in society. Every purchase contributes to providing a sustainable income for our special needs artists, making it a meaningful and socially responsible choice for corporate gifting.


Branded Merchandise & Bespoke Gifts 

Strapped for time and ideas? Simply choose from our range of readily available corporate gifts on our website and we’ll be able to brand each gift with your logo creating unique branded merchandise for your company.

If you’re looking for a more personalised corporate gift, we invite clients to collaborate with JOURNEY on creating a bespoke design that aligns with their brand identity, while providing a meaningful gift for their recipients. This unparalleled flexibility sets JOURNEY apart, empowering businesses to distinguish themselves in the realm of generic corporate gifts


Cost Savings for Businesses

JOURNEY offers substantial cost savings for businesses seeking corporate gifts. Clients can enjoy discounts of up to 30% off retail prices, with the potential for even greater savings of up to 50%, depending on the quantity requested. This allows businesses to invest in high-quality, unique gifts while staying within budget constraints.


Timeline for Corporate Gifts

Planning a corporate event that requires branded merchandise? JOURNEY recommends reaching out 4 to 6 months in advance to ensure a seamless experience. The timeline for custom products involves 1 month for ideation and design, 1 month for prototyping, and 1.5 to 2 months for production, with an additional 2 weeks for delivery. For those with tighter timelines, ready and available items from the website can be personalised with your company's logo.


Notable Clients and Unique Collaborations

JOURNEY has collaborated with esteemed clients, including government agencies such as the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Social and Family Development, and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. These collaborations attest to JOURNEY's commitment to providing quality corporate gifts to diverse organisations.


Beyond Gift Baskets: Causeboxes for a Purpose

In lieu of traditional gift baskets, JOURNEY presents causeboxes, where customers can curate their own selection of products. This innovative approach allows businesses to create personalised gifts that align with the preferences and tastes of their recipients, fostering a deeper connection.



JOURNEY redefines corporate gifting by offering a distinctive range of products with a social impact. From cost-effective solutions to bespoke gifts designed to empower individuals with intellectual disabilities, JOURNEY stands as a beacon for businesses seeking meaningful and memorable corporate gifting experiences.

Impress your clients with meaningful corporate gifts designed by artists with special needs. Get in touch for a free quotation now.